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We had the pleasure to invite Dick Forsman and Markus Varesvuo and they inaugarated the hides in November 2017


This exclusive photographic tour is a dream for most photographers. The beauty and magnificent presence of these handsome creatures soaring in the skies above the landscape of the Aragonese Pyrenees is something unforgetable for those photographers who have had the luck to experience such a combination. This tour is specifically designed for two photographers, preferably friends, sharing a hide at 1500 mts. near the area holding the highest density of Lammergeiers in Europe, few kilometers far from the expectacular Ordesa National Pak. Almost 50 Lammergeiers of all ages are regular visitors of the area. Weather permitting you will have excellent chances to photograph the birds in flight or on the ground at very short distance. You can visit the area in a Guided tour or Independent.

Guided: You can follow the itinerary below. We will meet you at your arrival airport ,preferebly Barcelona, and we will take care of you till we leave you back at the airport. Transport to the hide will be via a rough dirt track in a comfortable 4x 4 vehicle. To complement the hard work of being in a hide all day we will accommodate close to the hide in a small Pyrenean village of not more than twenty inhabitants. As part of the Boletas 'style' you will stay in a small charm hotel producing exquisite home made cuisine, lamb, veal, wild mushrooms and good wine - a perfect finish to the long day.

Independent: You can use the hides at your convenience, look the prices of the hides use below,staying if you consider conveniente in Hotel Laminana ( They offer anexcellent service at a very competitive price of food and accommodation), few yards for from the hides, and foloowing the internal and local autorities regulations.


Day 1 .- We will meet you on your arrival in Barcelona airport. We will then drive to the hides for your first contact with the site where you will have the opportunity to decide where to put the carrion, light conditions etc. Overnight in the pre-Pyrenees.

Days 2 & 3 - Early morning and after a copious breakfast we will go ta the hides where you will have chances for Lammergeier, Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle ( very difficult) & Red Kite. We can only use the feeding station on two full days, at our convenience. We will stay at the feeding stations until you are satisfied with your work. Overnight in the pre-Pyrenees.

Day 4 - In the morning we will try for Wallcreeper and Alpine Accentor near Boletas.Overnight in Boletas

Day 5 - After breakfast return to Barcelona for your flight home.



HIDES: Person/Day


1 person

2 persons

3-4 persons

1 Day

175 €/person

125 €/person

100 €/person

2 Days or more

125 €/person

100 €/person

75 €/persona


Accommodation: Person/day




Single Room

Duble Room

6,50 €/PERSON

16,50 €/PERSON

7,00 €/persona

35,00 €

48,00 €



Additional Information


Hide: There are two wooden built hides. They are spacious for one person. We will provide you with a chair, a simple container for urinal facilities, as well as a bottle of water.

Clothing:   Weather in the high mountains can be unpredictable. Due to the altitude, persons should be prepared for cold weather although it rarely remains below zero for the whole day. Please check the weather forecast one or two days before the tour starts.In winter we recommend you to bring enough warm clothing. As the stays in the Hides are around 6 hours is convenient bring enough food and water. You are not allowd to leave the hide without guide knowledge.

Equipement: The distance from the hide to the feeding station, where birds could stop or fly in front of  observers varies between 15 and 40 metres. Recommended several focal lens or one between 200 and 600 mm.

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