Boletas 20th Anniversary

Dear friends , many thanks for supporting Boletas during 20 years.
In 1994 we bought an old rural house, named it Boletas and began  our  activities with great enthusiasm and modest goals.   We simply hoped that we could share our love of nature with those of similar feelings.

Boletas Birdwatching Centre  managed to capture the changing times and our innovative proposals were welcomed and accepted within the birdwatching market.  From our specialised birdwatching centre we rapidly became accepted and recognised as a benchmark in the world of ornithological tourism in Spain. At Boletas, the experiences we have been able to provide for our visitors during our 20 year journey have far exceeded our wildest dreams. We can reflect upon our pioneering new technologies and our friendly and unabashed style with the quiet satisfaction of a job well done.
During this long period we have developed  a large family of loyal friends, some of whom have visited Boletas several times, or repeated their participation in one of our many nature tours. We began these tours in Aragon, soon covering most of Spain, then into Morocco. Today we offer  destinations as far afield as Cuba, Brazil, Senegal and Turkey, supporting local initiatives where we can.
Twenty years is a long time, but for better or for worse, the Boletas initiative has been personalised by Josele J Saiz, as a guide, Esther Diago as hostess, supported  from within the UK, by John Moody, Mick Ridgard and currently Andy Howes, always promoting our values within the birding market.
Esther significantly improved and developed her culinary skills, duly and enthusiastically welcomed  by our customers.   I have the same enthusiasm to please the people travelling with me, although  my physical ability and energy have  diminished somewhat over the years. I have, however, gained in the knowledge and experience which adds value to my tours.  I’m no longer able to lead up to twenty tours a year with the same high degree of personal involvement and have  substantially reduced the number of trips I guide, but our quality of service is maintained by our other excellent and knowledgeable guides who ensure our clients still have the best experiences when travelling with us.

Inevitably over such a period there will have been some people whose expectations were not met. We can only say sorry, but we have always tried to do our best and with honesty.
Sadly, the natural values of Aragon and Spain have suffered, which make the region less attractive for birding than it was 20 years ago when we first established Boletas. At that time the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU had not dramatically affected, for example,  the rich steppe habitat of Aragon, one of its most valuable ornithological signs of identity. Today there has been too much short-sighted development in protected areas and the natural values of our Country have seen a marked decline.
At Boletas we are determined to continue until, as they say in Spain "until we drop." We want to thank everyone who has visited Boletas or participated in our tours and  the confidence you have placed in us. You can be sure  that we will continue to do our utmost, working  enthusiastically  and offering our best with  honesty and dedication to keep our reputation at its  highest.


Boletas Guest House

Birding with Boletas by Peter Leutchford

I first travelled with Josele to Morocco and have known Josele as a friend for over 10 years, travelling to Africa, Asia and South America to bird with him.  Josele’s attention to detail and client care is incredible.  The customer is always his main priority, whether sorting out hotel rooms, positions in the vehicle, or getting to see a particular bird.  Although Josele is a keen birder himself he will often miss a ‘lifer’ to ensure somebody else sees the bird first.

Together with Esther, Josele created the Boletas Birdwatching Centre at their home in Loporzano.  A fantastic place for Birdwatchers to visit, but also for non-birders, as it is a haven away from the usual crowds of Spain and surrounded by beautiful countryside.  Esther’s fantastic home cuisine only adds to the delights. 

Boletas tours offer exceptional value for money.  It would be difficult to travel on comparable tours at the prices Josele and his team can offer.  Having travelled with other tour operators I can honestly say Josele is in the ‘premier league’.  Whether you are a hardcore birder or a ‘tag along’ partner you will never be disappointed.

In the background is Andy who never fails to coordinate all the detail.  He is a great help in sorting out flights and giving clients all the information they need for their trip.  Andy is a huge to support to Josele when he is away on a tour, and always there to update travel arrangements, bookings and to sort out the odd ‘hiccup’ that may arise.

Josele is a passionate birder and conservationist.  He will often run a tour at cost in order to support a particular wildlife project and he regularly makes donations to support such organisations such as the Osprey Project.  Josele has helped to establish guides in various countries in Africa, and continues to mentor and pass on his knowledge of birds.

Boletas is now celebrating its 20th anniversary, which is a fantastic achievement.  I wish Josele, Ether and Andy all the very best for continued success and look forward to further great birding with a true friend.

Dear Esther and Josele,

Hearty congratulations on your special anniversary. You have given my wife Maureen and myself great pleasure with your fantastic hospitality and birding.

Hopefully you can go on for many more years. We have slowed a little now but still hope to see you again at Boletas before long.

We shall look forward to seeing you at Rutland next month.

Warmest regards, Maureen and Don Green


Hello Josele and Esther
Congratulations on your 20 years and celebration of your unique business and long may it continue. We enjoyed our trips with you along with Neil and Marjorie from the RSPB West Cumbria Local Group.
We will be attending the Bird Fair at Rutland Water on the Sunday and hope to catch up with you both and maybe meet Andy too.
Hope to see you there.
Our best wishes - Val and Bill Young


Congratulations Josele & Esther on your 20th anniversary.You have nothing to apologise for. I think I can speak for all our club participants that went on your trips that the personal touch you gave made all our trips memorable.From Morocco to the Pyrenees, from Ebro to the Steppes our members still talk about your 100% commitment and enthusiasm. Esther's cooking was always top notch, my favourite being the lamb.Personally Josele if we could travel with you all the time we would.I regard you both as good friends not just birding associates.All of us at NIOC wish you every success in your 20th anniversary year and hope you and your family have a happy time too, Garry Wilkinson, Chairman, Northern Ireland Ornithologists Club.


Dear Josele,

I was sorry to read your comments about the impoverishment of the wildlife in your area; this is not good news. The sad truth is that this is happening everywhere within Brussels reach and means that more and more trips have to be outside the European Union. Of course from my point of view as long as you can offer us bird photographers trips I will be happy!

Kind regards, Michael Turner Cain


Dear Josele and Esther,

Congratulations on 20 years of Boletus and many thanks for all of the wonderful travel and birding memories. Best wishes for continuing success in your continuing endeavors.

Josele, I hope your knee surgery went well and you are back to normal, or will be soon.

Warm regards, Nancy


Hi Josele,

Well done to you Esther and on your first 20 years! And thanks for all the good trips I've done with you, including this year's excellent trip to Eastern Turkey.
I hope your leg has fully recovered now.
And I hope to see you on another trip some day.
Best wishes. Mike


Congratulations Josele,thats a wonderfull achievement and well deserved as your a really nice fellow. Ive not been anywhere birding since the Ethiopia trip, in fact havent been anywhere! My wife has health problems and i have a full time job looking after her , which makes life quite difficult but as soon as possible i will be back on trips with you,i just dont know when this might be,but something to look forward to.ah well best regards Steve Penn.


Hi Josele and Esther
Congratulations on reaching your 20 years in the wildlife tourism business. I wish you well and success in the next 20 years and offer my best wishes.
Colin Slator


Dear Josele and Esther

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Boletas birdwatching. Kit
and I have enjoyed our visits with you to northern Spain, Morocco,
Cuba and Brazil and are looking forward to the Iberian Lynx.

All good wishes Dorian + Kit


Dear Josele,
Congratulations on your anniversary! It has been a great privilege to know you all these years, but we still need to come and visit you at Boletas, in order to enjoy Esther's cuisine.

Wishing you all the best for the next 20 years,
Dick Forsman



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