Legal warning

BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of personal data, fulfilling the norms established in Ley Orgánica 15/1999, of 13th December, Protection of Personal Character data (B. O. E. 14/12/1999) and Real Decreto 994/1999, of 11th June.

1. Owner of title. BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE, located in 22192, LOPORZANO (HUESCA), is the organisation with responsibility of all documents relating to Personal Character data, and is the entity in charge of the treatment of such.

2. Quality of the data. The Personal Character data comprising all the files of BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE are those pertinent adapted ones strictly necessary for the aim with which they have been obtained. BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE guarantees the security and integrity of the personal data which contains all technical and organizative measures; undertaking to avoid their alteration, loss, treatment or non authorised access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data, and risks to which they are exposed, coming from human action.

3. Purpose of the data. The collection and automated treatment of the Personal Character data have their purpose to compliment the contractual relation established between the holder of the data and the user, the shipment of information, advertising and promotion, relating to the owned services of BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE, as well as the shipment of forms and surveys and the treatment of the data with statistical aims. They will not be used for other purposes than those for which they have been successfully obtained.

4. Information and consent of the aforementioned files; In all cases the holder will be informed and consent requested in the collection of the data.

5. Right of information, rectification, cancellation and opposition of data. The user will be able, at any time, to exert his right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of the data going to BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE, with the address at CASA BOLETAS 22192 LOPORZANO (HUESCA) or mail Given the most personal nature of these rights, it will be necessary that the affected party seeks credits of its BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE identity, they reserve the right to adopt these measures that are necessary with the object of verifying their identity. BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE will not reveal personal data to any third party, unless the user has granted his consent to that effect, or have given some of the legal assumptions that they allow such revelation.

6. Safety measures. BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE guarantees the necessary adoption of technical safety and organizative measures for the the security of the Personal Character data and will avoid its alteration, loss, treatment or non authorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, nature of the data and risks to which they are exposed.

7. The access of Security. The access to the pages through which the BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE client deals with personal data, will be made through secure lines.

8. BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE do not assume any responsibility regarding the policies o for the protection of data that can be adopted in the present connections of this Web page.

COOKIES USED. With the object to offer our users a greater quality and personalization in our services we inform them of the possibility of the use of cookies when the user is using the web. A “cookie “is a text file that is inserted in a Web site in the hard disk of the computer of the user and which stores information relative to itself. BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE does not assume responsibility for the cookies that third parties or other parties’ to our service which could be installed in the hard disk of their computer.

LEGISLATION AND APPLICABLE JURISDICTION. With general character, the relations that are derived from the benefit of the services contained in the web are put under the legislation and Spanish jurisdiction.

CHANGE OF NORM. BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE reserves the right to modify the present policy of protection of data with the object of adapting it to possible new legislative features, as well as to which they could derive from the existing codes type in matter or by strategic or corporative reasons.This, without damage to demand the consent necessary of the affected parties to make the required treatments, when this party was not considered in accordance with the terms of the present policy of protection of data.

BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE consider its basic objective to guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of the personal character data of the users successfully obtained through any system that allows the data transmission. Therefore, it shows its commitment of complience with the legislation that in this matter is effective at every moment. For any doubt or it consults can use the email.


CONDITIONS OF ACCESS AND USE OF THE WEB. Although this web has free character, to accede to certain services. All the information that facilitates the user through the services must be truthful. In all cases, the user will be the only person in charge of the false or incorrect manifestations that he makes and of the damages that you cause to AXIALVINOS.COM or third party by the information that you facilitate. The user commits himself to use the vestibule and the services in accordance with the law, the present legal warning, the particular conditions of certain services, as well as the moral, moral convention accepted and the public order generally. This Web site is offered to you on condition that you completely accept the terms, conditions and communications contained in the present legal warning. The fact that you use the Web site constitutes the acceptance of such conditions. Supposing that anyone of the terms, conditions and/or notifications contained in the present Conditions of Use are different from those contained one in the concrete Site BOLETAS.ORG, these last ones will prevail.

LIMITATION TO the PERSONAL USE AND no COMMERCIAL This Web site is for personal and non commercial use. You are not authorized to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, disclose, use, reproduce, publish, license, yield, or sell nor to create works derived from the information, software, products or the services that can be obtained from this Web site.

INTERCHANGE OR INFORMATION DIFFUSION BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE declines all responsibility derived from the exchange of information between users through its Web page. Axial does not take responsibility either of the possible damages created as a result of the false or inaccurate manifestations that it makes foe the use. NO responsibility is assumed for the use of minors and in all cases that the contents to which is acceded could be hurt by their sensitivity. The total responsibility in the determination of the contents and services to which the minors can access corresponds to their greater ones. Mechanisms, in particular computer science programs of filter and blockade, that allows limits to the contents available, being of special utility exist to control and to restrict the materials to which the minors can accede.

CONNECTIONS WITH OTHERS SITES This web makes available of the Usuary technical devices of connection, directories and other tools like finders,that allows them to accede to Web sites pertaining and/or managed by third parties. The installation of such is only to facilitate the Users access to information, contents and services available in Internet.

BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE does not assume responsibility for any of the information contained in the Web pages of a third party that can be acceded by connections or finders from our pages. However, we reserve the right to detroy connections in the case of knowledge of the existence of illicit contents or that injure the rights of a third party. The own users can put in knowledge of BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE the existence of these contents in the case of finding them. Any responsibility for the damages from all nature which they can be due to the virus presence or to the presence of other harmful elements served by third party through the web that can produce alterations in the computer science system, documents electronic or files of the users is excluded. The information, the software and/or the products or services contained in this Web site can contain typesetter errors, imprecisions and inaccuracies of which BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE takes responsibility, except in case such come from pages of a third party and that the User accedes through the connections placed in our web.

USE OF COMMUNITIES WEB ON LINE There exists no obligation to supervise the “communities” before its publication, nor own any responsibility by damages caused by the use of said sites. We would assume the responsibility solely in the case of knowing the existence that illicit or harmful information, that which we had not destroyed or to prevent the access by the same one.

ILLEGAL OR PROHIBITED USE OF THIS WEB The use of this Web site with illegal aims not authorized by the present terms, conditions and communications is prohibited.

UPDATE AND MODIFICATION OF THIS PAGE WEB. BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE S.L reserves the right to update, to modify or to eliminate the information of this Web page and its configuration without advance warning. Similarly it will be able to suspend its total diffusion or partially and to modify the structure or content of the same one without previous warning.

RESTRICTIONS OF ACCESS BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE S.L reserves the right to deny discretionarily, at any time and with no need of advance warning, the access from any user to this Web site or some part of itself.

MODIFICATION OF the PRESENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE S.L reserves the right to modify the terms, conditions and communications on the basis for which the Web site is offered. For the resolution of problems or questions related to this Web site, please contact BOLETAS BIRDWATCHING CENTRE S.L at: JOSELE@BOLETAS.ORG.

Legal terms
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